The First Onewheel Narrative Short Film.
Pushback revolves around Cassie, a college dropout whose searching for herself. Her co-worker introduces her to the Onewheel skateboard. Not only is it a new sport she gets herself into but a new community that is unexpectedly relatable. In collaboration with The Night Shift.
The Film
Behind The Scenes
Written, Directed and
Produced by
John Carlo Rosillo
Zachary C. Braddy

Story Is Everything
The Night Shift

Lacey Tatro as Cassie
Matt Liguori as Ryan
Genelle Lengvenis as Jennie
Michael Oilar as Greg

Chris Hicks aka Stoke Cartel
Spencer Ortega
Nate England
Avery Danger Gaitens
Lauren McIntyre
Taylor Wolter
Koda Bear

Music By
North Warren
Hot Dog Stand
Kujo Koda

Cinematography by
Brandon Stearns
Adam Cluppert

1st AD
Spencer Tait
2nd AD
Andrew Kerr

1st AC
Adam Cluppert
Xavier Schaetzke

Alex Thibou
Craig Winters

Sound Designer
Kyle Zillioux

Production Designer
Brandon Nieves

Jacob Spanjar
Kong Vang
Katharine Cooper

Behind The Scenes
Sarah Rose Nelson
Ellis Lynch

Special Thanks To
Rush-Mor Records
Lemonade Float Company
Janeth Cooksey

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