Do You Trust What Goes In Your Body?
A horror-comedy short film that explores the world of vaccinations and their effect on friendship. In collaboration with The Night Shift.
The Film
Behind The Scenes
Directed by
John Carlo Rosillo

Produced by
Zachary C. Braddy
John Carlo Rosillo

Tristan R. R. Blum
Rachel Verhoef
Daniel Persino
Brittany Roux Peterson
Joe Oliver
Eric Halvie

Voice of Bill Gates
Kyle Arn

John Carlo Rosillo

Edited by
John Carlo Rosillo

Sound Design
Ebony Rattle
Zachary C. Braddy

Songs composed by
The Keystones
Zachary C. Braddy

Assistant Director
Zachary C. Braddy

Craig Winter

Assistant Camera
Kong Vang
Raphael Love
Kyen Ditzenberger

SPFX Makeup
Rachel Beranich

Katharine Cooper
Alex Thibou
Cameron Currin
Zachary C. Braddy

BTS Photographer
Sarah Rose Nelson

BTS Videographer
Ashley Greenwald

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